Best Gaming PC In 20000 INR, Above 45 FPS

Best Gaming PC In 20000 INR, Above 45 FPS

Best Gaming PC In 20000 INR, Above 45 FPS (TechArk Gaming)

Nobody has Lots of money to Spend on Gaming PC Build. So, here I am there with Best Gaming PC In 20000 INR, Above 45 FPS in All Games. This PC Build includes New as well as Old Components but don't worry they works Fine and are Purchased from Ali Express.

Components are Purchased from Offline market. I highly recommend to buy from Offline Market 

Parts Used in this PC Build

1. Processor: Ryzen 3 1200

It is a true quad core processor with 3.1 GHz Base clock and with 3.4 GHz boost clock. It has 65 Watt max TDP. It cost around 5000 in Offline Market (Price may vary Online).
Price: 5000 INR
Best Buy Link: Here

2. Mother Board: Gigabyte-A320M-S2H

Basic A320 Chipset based AM4 Mother Board. It does not support Processor Overclocking.
Price: 3600 INR
Best Buy Link: Here

3. Graphics Card : Zotac Geforce GTX 760

2 GB GDDR5 DUAL FAN. I recommend to Buy GTX 950 because its performance it slightly better than GTX 760 and power consumption is low. (I purchased it from ALI Express)
Price:3830 INR
Buy Link: Here

4. RAM : CRUCIAL 8GB DDR4 2400

It is a Basic 2400 MHZ DDR4 Memory Module.
Price: 2600 Offline Price
Best Buy Link: Here


500 GB Mechanical Hard Drive. I recommend you to buy SSD because it will make your PC works Snappy. 
Price: 1500 INR
Best Buy Link: Here

6. Power Supply: ANTEC BP450P

A decent working 450W power supply.
Price: 2000 INR
Best Buy Link : Here

7. Cabinet: Basic Cabinet

You can buy any Basic cabinet around 1000-1500 in market or buy this  ANTEC GX202 Gaming Cabinet it will cost you around 3000-3200 In offline Marktet.
Best Gaming PC In 20000 INR, Above 45 FPS Best Gaming PC In 20000 INR, Above 45 FPS Reviewed by Tech Ark on September 02, 2019 Rating: 5


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